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Newtyle Village Weather

The weather station is broke. It's the second one in less then a year. Seems like the transmitter is a weak point. I'll put some fresh batteries in to see if that makes a difference.

Recent amateur weather station readings from Newtyle, Angus, Scotland. Very much in development at the moment so the weather may well be very different :-)

The siting of the stations leaves a bit to be desired. It is mounted on a pole off the corner of the kitchen at the back of the house. This is the south side and gets morning sun. The station is about 3m up. At the moment the only reliable readings are going to be pressure and temperature outside of the hours 9:30 - 12:30 when it gets direct sun. Ideally, the station will be mounted on the roof, bolted to the chimney stack. This would put it about 9m up without obstruction from trees and buildings.

Readings from the last 6 hours

Date & time Temp Feels like Humidity Wind Rain Pressure
dir ave gust
2015/04/01 1558 BST 6.0 °C 3.1 °C 65% WNW 3 mph 13 mph 0.0 mm 987.6 hPa, rising slowly
1658 BST 7.0 °C 4.1 °C 62% W 3 mph 9 mph 0.6 mm 987.4 hPa, steady
1758 BST 6.6 °C 3.4 °C 63% NW 4 mph 12 mph 0.0 mm 987.5 hPa, rising slowly
1858 BST 4.8 °C 1.8 °C 67% NW 3 mph 9 mph 0.0 mm 987.7 hPa, rising slowly
1958 BST 3.6 °C 0.8 °C 72% NW 2 mph 9 mph 0.0 mm 987.7 hPa, rising slowly
2058 BST 2.5 °C -0.2 °C 71% NW 1 mph 7 mph 0.0 mm 988.1 hPa, rising slowly
2158 BST 2.8 °C 0.3 °C 67% SW 0 mph 4 mph 0.0 mm 988.4 hPa, rising slowly

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